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When caulk deteriorates, it shrinks and separates from the surfaces to which it was applied.  Loosening caulk allows microscopic water beads to collect beneath it.  This unwanted moisture can lead to mold and fungal growth, making your area an unhealthy space. Restoring a watertight seal, will help protect against future mold and fungus growth. Furthermore, when we remove the old caulk, an anti-mold treatment is applied.


Not only is loose caulk potentially harmful; old, peeling, and/or stained caulk can be a real eyesore.  Our re-caulking services offer a fresh, new appearance to your space. No more hiding your bathroom behind closed doors when you have guests. No more being embarrassed by the area around your kitchen sink. Your space will be more welcoming and enjoyable after re-caulking your areas of need. All you have to lose is dirt, mold, mildew, and unwanted moisture behind your caulk!

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