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If you have tried many of the grout cleaning products on the market and still have dirty grout, you are not alone. Tile grout is a highly porous material, rapidly absorbing materials that lead to staining and discoloration. Any and all spills are directly absorbed into the grout immediately. This makes it impossible to clean, because the liquid is actually deep into the grout opposed to sitting on the surface.


The #1 cause of dirty, discolored grout lines is due to cleaning the grout regularly. When you start mopping the floor, the dirt from the tile and grout is turned into a liquid that is immediately soaked up by the porous grout. The more you mop your floor the dirtier and darker your grout lines become. The dirty water from your mop bucket is darkening your grout with every stroke of the mop.

Trying to remove dirt and grime from your grout is tedious, time consuming, and virtually impossible. Opting to remove and replace grout can generate large amounts of dust and debris in the home, and you also run the risk of cracking tiles. Unless tile grout is sealed with a high-quality grout sealer, it will only be a matter of weeks before the grout lines begin to stain and discolor.

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