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Grout Sealing Services

When tile is installed, rarely is the grout sealed by the installer. This allows dirty mop water, spills, soil, and bacteria to soak into the grout leaving the tile with dirty, discolored grout lines.

Overall maintenance costs are reduced when our sealer is applied over your grout. Grout tends to wear away more quickly when it’s not sealed, allowing cracks, discoloration, and thus becoming difficult to manage. This will force you to replace the grout more often than if it were sealed, leading to higher costs overall. By applying our sealer, the grout will support your tiled area for a longer period of time while looking wonderful.

Color sealing will make the grout lines uniform, stain- free, and perfect. Also, sealing will prevent future discoloration, stains, and bacteria from penetrating the grout. Grout Works proprietary color sealer creates a durable, hard-as-nails, color-customizable shield that stops unsightly stains and discoloration.

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Our sealer withstands dirt, liquids, oils, and other stain-producing substances. Cleaning is a breeze using just soap and water, creating a beautiful finish for years to come. Spills and dirt are cleaned up immediately without the need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Once Grout Works proprietary color sealer is applied, NOTHING can penetrate and stain the grout lines again!

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*Our typical services have a 1-day process. More involved and/or extensive services may require additional time.

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